Faces, smiles and teeth.

Faces, smiles and teeth, a message that has been reinforced recently with 2 lectures that  I attended recently.

In fact I have seen both of them speak before and they have spoken about the holistic approach to dentistry, whereby diagnosis and planning begins not with the mouth, but with the face.

Proffessor Piet Haers, a maxillo-facial surgeon with an interest in orthognathic surgery   (surgery where the bones of the face are moved and aligned to create a more harmonious  appearance and improve function) discussed his concept where he creates a face, and in the face a smile, and in that smile the ability to  bite and chew. He starts his journey on  the bones of the patients, and working with his patients to move bones and then alter the muscular relationships to leave his patients in Neuromuscular balance.

Christian Coachman, founded of Digital Smile Design, a concept which allows dentists and their teams to design smiles around the whole face, communicate these plans to the patients, perform the treatment with the whole team having a common goal, and then review their performance on delivering the treatment plan in order to improve. All using modern digital dentistry.


These 2 recent talks have reinforced our philosophy at Ten Dental:

We design patients smiles to work in harmony with their faces.
We use natural tooth shapes and designs to work in harmony with your face.
We are an interdisciplinary specialist team that works together to deliver the best result possible.
We allow you to see a treatment simulation as to what your teeth may look like before we start treatment.
We invest in the latest technology to deliver the best treatment we can.
We deliver healthy confident smiles and faces.
We also still carry out routine Check-ups and hygiene visits, but we can now offer much, much more…

It was a pleasure to take some of our team to the Digital Smile Design day and for them to see the founder of DSD speak and explain  his philosophy.


With this in mid it seems like the best time ever to change our name to reflect what we have become

Welcome Ten Dental&Facial. Opening June 2018. 154 Clapham High Street



Meeting Dr Palo Malo, a true pioneer

From March 2016. Re published



I was privileged to see Dr Palo Malo, the man who designed the protocol for “all-on-4” and same day teeth that we use in our practice, speak at the recent BAAD conference and this is the second time I have heard him speak and both times it has been inspiring.

His mission of making implant treatment more accessible to the public and quicker cheaper and less complex with same day teeth solutions has changed implant dentistry.

He has gone from being considered a heretic for using only 4 implants (as opposed to 6 or 8 as we used to) to support a full arch of teeth, as well as giving patients teeth on the same day (immediate loading) to his protocol being mainstream and used all over the world successfully.

At Ten Dental we have been offering same day teeth solutions for 10 years, and have achieved  very high success rates.

We look forward to other innovations in implant dentistry when they appear and offering the right ones (which are backed by research and protocols) to offer even more solutions to our patients.


Martin Wanendeya