Addressing tooth loss with our dentist in Clapham

Addressing tooth loss with our dentist in Clapham

If you are affected by cavities, tooth decay or gum disease, are suffering from wobbly teeth or find out that you may need to undergo a tooth extraction, then you should plan ahead and speak to our dentist in Clapham to find out about replacing missing teeth. If you have already lost a tooth, it is important that you do not wait any longer and that you contact our dentist in Clapham immediately to find out about restoring your missing tooth. Tooth loss can cause a range of complications Including more missing teeth, therefore it is urgent that you replace any that are absent sooner rather than later to save the rest of your teeth.

Causes of tooth loss

Tooth loss occurs as a result of many different situations, including tooth decay and gum disease caused as a result of poor dental hygiene. Tooth loss also occurs if you avoid the dentist for long periods of time, as dental health complications escalate and cause irreversible damage to your teeth. If you visit our dentist in a timely manner, then most dental health complications can be detected very early on and treated quickly and effectively to avoid unnecessary complications. Tooth loss also occurs if you make poor lifestyle choices, for example if you are a smoker or if you drink excessively. Certain underlying medical conditions also weaken your teeth and can increase your chance of developing tooth decay and gum disease resulting in tooth loss. For example, patients with diabetes or patients who are immunocompromised or suffer from autoimmune conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, are more likely to lose their teeth early on in life. Patients suffering from cancer or undergoing chemotherapy or other similar medication are also likely to suffer from premature tooth loss. To prevent premature tooth loss, as mentioned, you need to visit our dentist in a timely manner, this means at least once every six months and more often if possible.

Dental implants with our dentist

Speak to our dentist in Clapham today to find out more about replacing missing teeth. Our dentist is an expert in replacing missing teeth using titanium dental implants. Titanium dental implants are small screws that are inserted into the bone socket of a missing tooth to replace the root of the tooth and provide an excellent foundation for a custom-made crown or a set of dentures. Dental implants have been used successfully for approximately 60 years. They have an excellent success rate of around 95% and are designed to last for the whole of your life if you look after your teeth carefully. With dental implants, you can restore the appearance of your smile that will have been affected by missing teeth. You will also be able to restore the function of your mouth and speak, bite, chew and eat as you did before losing a tooth. The process itself is a lengthy one and can take anywhere between 4 to 8 months, varying from patient to patient. You need to speak to our dentist today to begin the treatment sooner rather than later, and thereby reduce the complications due to missing teeth and enjoy the benefits of replacing them with dental implants.