Building a team

Building a team

Its all about the people…

Its about the people who work with you the people who support you at home and at work to allow you to help people, and sometimes…. the people are the hardest bit to get right.

And after our recent highly commended award for best team in London I am over the moon and immensely proud of “our people”

I feel that I sometimes get the glory and the recognition when in the background there are so many people who work tirelessly to endure that everything works, I very grateful to them for the hard work that they put into making the practice a success.

Managing expectations, managing results, managing fear, managing ambition, managing anger, frustration, happiness, overconfidence are all part and parcel of an Manager/implantologists role.

I am still learning and always will be learning more, but I am, despite the more difficult days, always grateful to the people around me, and need to express it more.

The Team are the Reception, nursing and clerical support Staff ( including our fantastic cleaners who I rarely see, but always do a great job), our ( now award winning) specialist dentists, our associates, our referring dentists, our lab technicians ( who make me look good), our maintenance team ( who keep the equipment running) and also my family who keep me balanced.

So here it it!- Probably too small and hidden away on the internet somewhere, but here to stay…

Thank you to the Ten Dental team for a great year in 2015, onwards and upwards for 2016

Martin Wanendeya

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