Importance of replacing missing teeth with our dentist in Clapham

Importance of replacing missing teeth with our dentist in Clapham

Losing a tooth has a range of complications, most of which can be addressed if you replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. Our dentist specialises in replacing missing teeth using dental implants as a fixed and a permanent solution. If you have lost a tooth or you have been booked in for a tooth extraction, then you need to find out about tooth replacement options sooner rather than later to avoid the complications of missing teeth

Improving the appearance of your smile

One of the most obvious effects of losing a tooth is on the appearance of your smile. If you lose one of your visible teeth, then this can be highly noticeable, and it may be embarrassing, lowering your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you want to address this issue as soon as possible then you need to speak to our dentist in Clapham and find out about dental implants for replacing your missing teeth. The implant is embedded into the jawbone and acts as a foundation for your replacement tooth. Your tooth can be replaced with a custom-made crown or a set of dentures depending on your individual dental needs and the number of teeth that you are replacing.

Improving the function of your mouth

Another significant effect of losing a tooth is that it can make it awkward for you to bite and chew your food as you did before. This depends on the position of the missing tooth and replacing the tooth promptly. With the help of our dentist in Clapham, we can restore the function of your mouth to how it was before you lost a tooth. The longer you wait the more added pressure there will be on your remaining teeth. This can result in uneven wear and tear and you may feel discomfort when you are eating. Pieces of food may get stuck in the gap and this can be uncomfortable. Missing front teeth can also affect your speech, replacing the tooth can allow you to speak properly once more. Speak to our dentist in Clapham today to find out more.

Looking after your dental health

Finally, missing teeth can have a huge impact on your dental health. They can affect your other teeth and affect your gums and your jawbone. When you lose a tooth, it is likely that you will lose more teeth if you do not replace it as soon as possible. Our dentist will be able to tell you when you are ready to replace the missing tooth and you should do so immediately. If you delay, your other teeth can become weaker and start to move out of place, you are more likely to develop gum infections, cavities and tooth decay in your remaining teeth as bacteria build up in the space left in your gum. You will also experience bone decay where the bone is no longer needed to support the tooth. By speaking to us about dental implants, you will be able to prevent these complications and more unwanted effects on the appearance, function and health of your mouth very soon.