Making a difference

Making a difference

Making a difference

At the start of the year I looked forward to another busy year of practice and thought about what and our team approach to the year would be.

I thought through the people that the team and I had worked with to get dentally healthy and also those patients whose lives we have had the privilege of changing with dental implant treatment. Some of whom had been who had been in a very bad way dentally.

I decided that this year I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives. I think it’s a privilege that we have as an implant team and I have as an implant dentist to make a profound impact on people’s lives.

People who can’t smile, can’t chew, in some cases can’t leave the house have all at some time turned up in the last year either waving the white flag to say that they give up with the failing loose mobile teeth and denture, or have decided preemptively to start the journey to optimal oral health and function.

Helping them has been an enriching experience. I have met some wonderful people who have educated me about subjects and topics that were never on my radar, this weeks new learning has been Tuscan truffles and classical music classifications.

What I really enjoy is hearing what they have so say about where they were and how they felt about their teeth at the start of the process and comparing it to the end.

Seeing these changes in people makes implant dentistry this more than a job for me it makes it all the effort, learning, training and endeavor worthwhile.

If you are a patient considering implant treatment, make the leap, its worth it in the end. If you are a Dentist talking to your patients, tell them about the study attached that shows that “90% of patients were completely satisfied with implant therapy both from an functional and aesthetic point of view” and also “the costs associated with implant therapy were considered to be justified”

At the tenimplantcentre we have a very high success rate for our implant treatment ( despite the fact we get refereed the very difficult cases from other dentists) and we hope that our patients fall into the 90% category described of “completely satisfied” if we asked them to fill out a survey.

I enjoy making a difference and look forward to the next person whose life I can make a difference to.

Long may it continue!