Meeting Dr Palo Malo, a true pioneer

Meeting Dr Palo Malo, a true pioneer

From March 2016. Re published


I was privileged to see Dr Palo Malo, the man who designed the protocol for “all-on-4” and same day teeth that we use in our practice, speak at the recent BAAD conference and this is the second time I have heard him speak and both times it has been inspiring.

His mission of making implant treatment more accessible to the public and quicker cheaper and less complex with same day teeth solutions has changed implant dentistry.

He has gone from being considered a heretic for using only 4 implants (as opposed to 6 or 8 as we used to) to support a full arch of teeth, as well as giving patients teeth on the same day (immediate loading) to his protocol being mainstream and used all over the world successfully.

At Ten Dental we have been offering same day teeth solutions for 10 years, and have achieved very high success rates.

We look forward to other innovations in implant dentistry when they appear and offering the right ones (which are backed by research and protocols) to offer even more solutions to our patients.

Martin Wanendeya