Speaking Engagements 2019-2018

If you are interested in finding out where I will be speaking- have a look a the list of confirmed dates below…


25th January 2019 Digital options and possibilities-University Summit in Implantology  Charmonix

26th January 2019 Practical tips for Implant success- The Implant Dentistry Show- London

5th February 2019   Maximising Aesthetics- ADI Birmingham Study Club

2nd March 2019 Digital options and possibilities-Danish Society of Oral Implantology Spring meeting Copenhagen

19th March 2019 Maximising Aesthetics. ADI West Sussex Study Club

2nd May ADI Congress Edinburgh

24th/25th May 2019 Pink and white aesthetics for full arch Implant Dentistry TBC

20/21 September 2019 The FP1 Course  Theory and Practical with Paulo Carvalho

1st November Digital workflow with Dental Circle

7th November Digital treatment planning YDA  Study Club



The Implant restoration Course 2019/2020 with Nik Sisodia

Module 1 TBC

Module 2 TBC

Module 3 TBC

Module 4 TBC

Module 5 TBC







31 January 2018  Maximising Aesthetics. ADI Newport Study Club

28th February 2018 Using Digital Smile Design to Optimise Aesthetic and Functional Outcomes in Implant Dentistry From Single Teeth to Full Arches. ADI Study Club Harlow. Webinar and live presentation

8th March 2018 Pink and white aesthetics for full Arch restorations, Courmayuer, Italy

26th April 2018 Ten Does TED. The future patient. London

28th- Saturday 30th June 2018  Ankylos Congress  Berlin

28th June 2018  Why I decided to go digital – possibilities and solutions.

29th June 2018  The Virtual Patient Berlin

30th June 2018 – Teaming up for a new screw-retained two-piece solution for patient-specific restorations with Stephen Campbell

6th July 2018 Block Bone Augmentation Royal College of Surgeons Diploma in Implant Dentistry with David Madruga.

27th October 2018 “Utilising Weldone and Digital Smile Design for planning full arch restorations” Weldone International Congress, Bologna Italy

10th November 2018  Pink And White Aesthetics In Full Arch Implant Restoration. BACD Annual conference, London. With Nik Sisodia

15th November 2018 “Options for the Edentulous patient” PEERS study Club Reading

16th November 2018 “Maximising aesthetics” Royal College of Surgeons Diploma in Implant Dentistry

23rd November 2018 Scottish Digital Dentistry Symposium-From Planning to Restoration – A complete Digital Implant Workflow  with Steve Campbell


The Implant restoration Course 2018/2019 with Nik Sisodia

Module 1 23rd March

Module 2 8th June

Module 3 28th September ( with Steve Campbell)

Module 4 23rd November

Module 5 11th January 2019